VIP Protection

Close contact protection for high-level individuals.

VIP Guards are specially trained for the responsibility of private bodyguards to deliver close contact protection to the designated individual. Whether a high-level government figure or celebrity, our VIP Guards’ focus is to protect the individual from any threats of kidnapping, physical assault, and harm. They are highly trained to anticipate and respond to dangerous scenarios, as they have undergone weeks of close-quarter combat training, threat assessment courses to hone skills for instant reactions, as well as comprehensive preparation to defuse tense and dangerous situations. 

In addition, our VIP Guards are also well equipped with skills such as providing first aid, firefighting, and being trained in specialized areas of surveillance, counter-surveillance, defensive driving, risk mitigation planning, etc. They can carry out their duties discreetly as plainclothes bodyguards upon request to assure the security of the individual assigned to them.

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