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Best trained security personnel protecting your assets on-site 24/7


Security Guard Cambodia – If you’re looking for security guards of the highest caliber in Cambodia, then Prince Security Service is the undisputed choice for you. 

Boasting one of the best-trained and most disciplined uniform security guard forces with comprehensive service coverage over Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, Prince Security Service is an established security guard company in Cambodia with a wealth of experience and expertise in protecting and securing commercial properties and business facilities, as well as other critical assets.

Cambodian security guards of the highest professional standard

Armed and unarmed uniformed security will be stationed on duty 24-hour daily to patrol and safeguard the designated location.

Before being assigned to a client, our security personnel must clear background checks, medical and drug tests.

The selected security personnel will then undergo a 2-week induction training at our headquarters to ensure they are equipped with fundamental knowledge such as patrol routines, pat-down procedures, and knowledge of Cambodian law. This is the fundamental expectation of every Cambodian security guard that graduates from our training facility. 

These personnel are trained extensively to be alert to their surroundings, react fittingly when crises arise and keep their stationed location safe from unauthorized intruders and prowlers.

In emergencies, our personnel are well trained to take the necessary emergency measures such as first aid and firefighting.

Security guards for your absolute peace of mind

Conjoined with a comprehensive policy featuring a detailed patrol schedule, strategic placements, and risk assessment plan, our security guard force is set to handle a wide range of projects from commercial buildings, residential to construction sites.

Your organization deserves to be secured and protected by the best-trained and most capable security guards in Cambodia, and that’s the assurance and peace of mind we bring to you.

Types of security guards we provide

Regular uniform security guards

  • Highly trained and skilled uniformed guards for conventional security protection
  • Well-groomed and presentable, our uniform security guards put your business and reputation forward in the best possible light
  • Our guards are trained and equipped to handle emergency and accident cases that may arise on your premises
  • Our guards are also well-versed with firefighting skills based on current risk prevention laws in Cambodia and trained by experts from the National Fire Protection Association of Cambodia, as well as attending regular refresher courses in our training facility 
  • Around-the-clock shift duties to keep you comprehensively covered
  • Daily inspections and status reporting 
  • Operate under stipulated regulations to keep you away from potential legal and financial conflicts

Top security guards for highly sensitive installations and premises

  • Specially trained to handle high-risk and/or hazardous security challenges.
  • Our security guards are well versed in screening procedures such as pat-down and identity verification.
  • Our guards have excellent observation skills gained from our mandatory observation training curriculum in our institution.
  • Well familiar with Cambodia’s constitution and rights, so they know when to take action and when not to.
  • These guards have at least three years of experience in highly sensitive security workplaces.
  • Our security guards have either military or police backgrounds.
  • Well-versed in crowd control. Our guards are well trained in managing massive crowd traffic in the giant institution; hospitals, learning institutions, e.g. high schools, colleges, and universities, religious institutions, e.g. churches and mosques, as well as stadiums and large-scale event venues

Security guards for VIP escort and transfer travel

  • Close proximity escort and body protection of VIP personnel at all times
  • Tactical formation movement ready to respond instantaneously to sudden threats 
  • Decoy teams and support units work in concert to provide maximum protection 
  • Only the best trained and most experienced elite guards are assigned

Elite guards with 24/7 active armed rapid response 

  • Highly-tuned situational awareness and alert to any potential security threat in an instant
  • Trained to assess risks and respond with appropriate containment or de-escalation actions swifty
  • Rapid neutralization of dangerous threats where required 
  • We upheld confidentiality at the highest level with the strictest protocols
  • Close contact and coordination with military personnel and local police enforcement 
  • Managed and coordinated by our command center for maximum streamlined efficiency and effectiveness

School security guards

  • School security guards for education institutions at all levels, colleges, universities, tuition centers etc
  • Specially trained to identify threats within a school environment 
  • Filter and prevent bad and criminal influences from seeping into the school compound and endanger the schooling population
  • Provide standard security guard duties such as crowd control, first response to incidents such as fire outbreaks 

One-stop security guard solution

Our security guards provide comprehensive coverage on all security related matters on your premises, including but not limited to:

  • Routine patrol routes and inspection cycles
  • Random spot checks 
  • Thwarting criminal activities such as stealing and shoplifting on time before the criminals can get away, minimizing loss to your business and reputation
  • Responding to fire outbreaks and similar incidents quickly, to protect your assets and save lives
  • Administration of first aid response in case of emergencies and accidents
  • Providing friendly guidance to visitors coming into your premises
  • Profiling and preventing suspicious individuals from entering your compound without further verification
  • Responding to safety hazards and highlight them to relevant authorities
  • Implementing crowd control at your premises where necessary 
  • Inspecting physical breakages or intrusions into your compound 

Why we are the best choice for security guards in Cambodia

Customisable solutions

You may have unique security requirements that need specific approaches and implementations. 

That’s why at Prince Security Service, we start by acquiring a full understanding of your situation, your concerns and objectives, and in turn formulate a bespoke security plan that addresses all the areas.

Operational presence throughout Cambodia

Our security guards can be deployed in key cities and locations throughout the Kingdom beyond just Phnom Penh, but also hubs of growing economic activity such as Sihanoukville.

Wherever your business or personal affairs take you, we will be there to protect you. 

Open communication channels

We uphold a close working relationship with you by providing multiple channels of communication to allow for frank and direct conversations about your security situation, areas of concern, as well as coverage expansion necessities. 

We believe that only by having regular communication can we achieve the optimal security effectiveness for your needs. 

A top-notch security guard force with industry-leading best practices

Disciplined procedures for daily operations

All guard posts and positions report to a senior supervisor with regular inspection visits, and an operations manager to oversee your business’ security needs and concerns. 

Around-the-clock response and communication

Our command center is on alert to receive any request day and night, all days around the year. For emergencies that need critical response, our management is directly activated to provide an all-hands-on-deck response to the crisis that you’re facing. 

All-rounded capability training

Our security guards receive extensive training to carry themselves professionally and with integrity, while being courteous and friendly towards your customers, to ensure that we represent your business in the best possible light.

Fully compliant with local laws

Our business and security guard force, as well as our activities and actions carried out on behalf of your security well-being, are regularly audited, certified and in strict compliance with Cambodian laws. 

Regular internal audit 

We conduct review of our procedures regularly to identify areas of improvements, and also to switch up operational patterns, to prevent malicious parties from figuring out our security routines and workflows. 

Constant capability upgrade

We recognise the evolving nature of security threats and go through a scheduled process of capability renewal for our security guards, equipment and facilities every now and then to ensure that we stay on top of the game every time. 

You deserve the best security guard service in Cambodia

As Cambodia progresses at a rapid pace, your assets need to be protected against new situations and potential threats. For this, you need a reliable and trustworthy security firm that you know will always be there for you.

Let us provide you with the elite Cambodian security guard force you need and deserve.


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